Vulnerability in Life

Written on August 22nd, 2017

In such a high powered and fast paced society like today, technology is playing a major factor in this lifestyle. Technology and social media is good, in fact, it’s great however it has been proven that overtime it can damage interpersonal skills if used in excess. Most things in life are fine in moderation. This heavy mediausage has resulted in an increase in depression and insecurity. For this reason, many people are now using fear as adriving factor to control and manipulate those around them. In many corporations every day, managers are directing their employees using fear as opposed to utilizing adequate interpersonal skills to politically motivate them.

By using fear as a tool to achieve our goals we are not building strong relationships and ties with those around us. By having the motive of helping others those around us like will eventually be reciprocated when we need it most. When we find ourself down in the dumps, those that we helped will come to our aid to proud us with the strength and support we need. If we do not set out to help others and therefore lack the relationships and connections that may one day support us, we are vulnerable to life’s hardships. This is the type of vulnerability that we choose. It is more common than we think and has countless effects that are are like a proverbial pebble thrown into a pond creating a chain of concentric circles. There is a type of vulnerability that we do not choose. This type is thrown amidst our difficulties in life that already exist. This was the vulnerability that I was exposed to.

At one moment, I was a potential division one athlete and within a blink of an eye I was in a hospital bed with death waiting to greet me. I lost my muscles, I lost my hair, I lost my confidence, my spirit, and even lost hope at times. Laugh had picked me up and climbed me up the highest summit before dropping me down to the bottom. Despite all the support around me I felt so alone because no one around me was going through the hardship I was, so I thought. Little did I know that everyone has on their plate as much as they can handle. So, there is no comparison between one plate and another as they are different. The point is at that moment I felt as if I was the only one dealing with such a catastrophic burden. I was as vulnerable as can be. At any moment, emotional or physical I could have been destroyed but I wasn’t. I had hope and I cared for those around me so in turn they cared for me, giving me the support I needed.

I was always told to go seek therapy rather than bottle all my emotions however I wanted to remain what society views as manly. Never to cry and always hold it together. In reality a man (or woman) that is courageous enough to express their emotions around others with pride is stronger than those that hide it until they are alone because they are ashamed. While writing this book I wanted to take off my macho mask and release all of my emotions. I bare all my emotions and am once again completely vulnerable. It was my chose this time however I want the reader to take away the idea that it is very much acceptable and even necessary to be vulnerable at times. The difficult thing when life makes you vulnerable is that you are unable to take accountability. You cannot blame anyone or anything really because the misfortune that has fallen into your path was out of our control. As difficult as it may be, it is important to believe and hope that it is for a reason that we will one day find out.

Life will make you vulnerable at times while at others we may choose or create instances that will leave us vulnerable. In the end, it doesn’t matter how or why we are vulnerable, the important thing is how we respond to it. Embrace it and push through it. Yes it will suck, yes it will be terrible however in the end we will get through it because as the stoic Marcus Aurelius once said, “We are each of us stronger than we think.”

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