Why did I Write This?

Written on August 5th, 2017

I get asked this question wherever I go and my answer is simple. I had a message that I thought could help others. Even if it would only help one person that is still one more person that would have received help than if I had never written the book. While going through treatment and the entire journey, I felt so alone many times. I had endless support from family and friends however they were not going through what I was going through and so I lacked that connection. I wanted empathy. After I began to recover from the entire process, I started to write as a personal therapy. I thought that I would give all the parents and friends of those going through a life-threatening illness an inside perspective on the mind of a patient. Many times, I wished my parents and friends knew what was going on in my head so they could better connect with me. With this vision in mind, I figured that I would give future families going through this hardship an inside scoop to hopefully help them better connect with their loved one. The more I wrote the more I realized that my message could help not just those going through a terminal illness but anyone going through a hardship in their life. I faced all the hardships in my life post-cancer with the same mindset and it worked. I realized that you are never alone when you have hope. Another crucial thing I learned was that a hardship does not just affect the victim, it affects the family, loved ones, and all those around the person. It is like throwing a stone in a pond and creating a trail of concentric circles.

It is very important in life to give back. I always thought that giving back was necessary however more so after attaining success. The reality is it is crucial to always find time to give back. This was the driving factor in my decision to write this book. I not only wanted to inspire others and motivate them to overcome their hardships but I wanted to give back to all those that supported me. The list of people that motivated me and inspired me is ongoing however it is creating a ripple effect. I am hoping that I can continue the ripple into my audience and they too can continue it to those in and around their lives.

With all that being said, another major reason I decided to write down my thoughts in this book was because people deserve the truth. When I was battling my share of hardships, I read numerous novels and listened to many people speak about their difficulties however they tended to emphasize mainly the upsides of overcoming it rather than portraying a realistic depiction of how miserable they were. I was nowhere near prepared for what I was up against and all the books I read throughout to help motivate me actually frustrated me in ways because they overlooked the negatives of battling a hardship. I wanted to give people a realistic and raw example of what goes on the mind of a victim of a hardship which in my case was a terminal illness. As parents, family, friends, and all audiences read this book, they will get a first-hand look at how difficult it truly was even until today. Many times, the honesty hurts to hear but it will better prepare you for what is to come. The last thing I wanted to do was to sugar coat my journey but rather present it as it is in hopes of only helping to prepare and inspire others. The important thing to take away is that life will always find ways to knock you down, but with the help of your family, friends, and a little hope, you can find ways to get back up again. Simply getting up one more time that life knocks you down, will make you successful.

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